Delta’s Most Recent Announcement

Recently, Delta announced plans to prioritize comfort with a “refreshed Boeing 777.”  As highlighted in their official press release, they will be making significant improvements to each of their seat segmentation categories: Delta One, Delta One Premium Suite, and the Delta Main Cabinet.

From what I have read online, this created quite a stir in the industry as it was unprecedented for an airline carrier — especially a major one — to prioritize customer comfort.

My immediate reactions to this announcement:

  1. It’s about time!
  2. This is a great reminder that organizations must be customer first.
  3. As customers, this is something that we should come to expect.

For Delta to make this bold statement underscores that they are putting the customer first.  As we all know, when flying overseas for 10+ hours, every extra inch that we can get we would welcome with open arms.  For Delta to take this big step sends a message that they are focused on providing a quality experience all of their customers who fly on this aircraft (albeit at different levels depending on the area in the cabinet).

We often think that a customer first organization is one that provides simply a great service or fantastic product but it does not stop there.  Regardless of industry, product, or service, the customer experience is wide and deep and organizations have to think creatively end-to-end as well as listen to the voice of the customer.   By doing so they will be able to identify pain points that they can then prioritize.  Focusing on the ones that significantly impact customers’ decisions to buy is the key.  This is fundamental not only to foster customer loyalty but because it’s just good business practice.

Time will tell if this customer first strategy will be a source of differentiation for Delta but for now, I believe they are a role-model in the industry.

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