Bringing Silicon Back to Silicon Valley

Just the other day I attended the Chuchill’s Club annual event of the top trends in tech.  This year’s event “featured Brian Ascher of Venrock, Navin Chaddha of Mayfield, Jeff Crowe of Norwest Venture Partners, Lauren Kolodny of Aspect Ventures, and Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Ventures presenting two trends each.”

You can learn more about the trends presented here:   21st Annual Top 10 Tech Trends – May 2019

After each trend was presented, the panel would either agree or disagree that the trend would go big in 2019 or somewhere in the near term.  If the trend was either obvious or thought of as a non-factor in the near -term, the panel would reserve the right to disagree and state why.   It was an interesting discussion and debate as it is every year.  Naturally, ideas can be challenged or have consensus but the reality is, nobody knows.  This is what makes attending these events always fascinating and entertaining.

The audience was also able to get into the act and vote after the panel discussed each respective trend.  The one trend that got the most votes was the “Renaissance of Silicon Will Create Industry Giants.”  Truth be told, if one would have told me that this would have the most votes at the very beginning I would have said, “I doubt that.”  But I was proved wrong as a majority of the audience agreed with Navin Chaddha.  His argument was that what made silicon valley what is today will come back with full vengeance of  new potential players who know how to play the game.

Time will tell if this will come to fruition but one thing that we can agree is that data from the edge all the way to the cloud will demand increasing computing power and performance.

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