When you can’t fly, fly!

We are a family who likes to go and come, by air. It’s been almost a year since we have been on a plane to go somewhere far and away. But these past few months during shelter-in-place we have not gone anywhere by air for obvious reasons. The farthest place we have been was Sedona during the July 4th weekend when we went an excursion for the first time. Albeit, by car. It was a grand experience and a much welcomed time away after being in place for several months.

Today was a typical Sunday so we originally planned to go for a bike rides with the kids when suddenly our son asked us to fly a kite. He astutely noticed that the wind was just enough for us to fly a kite at our nearby park. So we did just that. Took the kite for a ride and it was electrifying — to see our “dragon” fly as high as it did and see all of us as a family clamor together to get it as high as we could. Family working together to create new heights was exactly what we were doing but it seemed even better than jumping on a plane to go somewhere.

When you can’t fly, fly!

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