Unremarkable Times, Remarkable Courage

This week we celebrated thanksgiving as a family for the second time in the USA. It was the first time we cooked a whole turkey and ate dinner at a full size table. Last year we had very limited furniture. But it was a reminder that we needed to be more thankful for what we have in spite of today’s challenges and shortcomings.

Before we broke bread each of us went around talking about the things that we are thankful for in 2020. For me, countless words of appreciation could never do justice about how grateful I am that we are together as a family, healthy, and have a roof over our head.

During these unremarkable times there are so many great people out there who have had misfortunes and challenges intensified by COVID-19. Losing a loved one at the dinner table this Thanksgiving is something that many Americans have to experience during the holiday season this year. Also, there are many who do not know how they will be able to pay for presents for their kids this Christmas due to losing a job. There are also many kids who are not only missing their friends at school but may not be able to eat as well as they would have if they were getting lunch at the school cafeteria. Finally, one would be remiss without acknowledging that there are many hard workers who are putting their self at risk just to keep our stores, hospitals, public transportation, and other essential necessities and destinations running. We can never take their courage for granted.

This thanksgiving — perhaps unlike others in the past — we need to not only be thankful for what we have but be mindful of how lucky and fortunate we may be. Not being with my immediate family right now for example is unfortunate but I am grateful that everyone is healthy and thriving during these challenging times.

There are so many remarkable people out there who are fighting and surviving during these unremarkable times. I celebrate and tip my cap for their courage, strength, and will to persevere. I only pray and hope that their next Thanksgiving will be their greatest ever. This is something I hope that all of us can truly understand and not take for granted.

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