Santa Has Ryoko to Thank

2020 was the first time that we celebrated Christmas in California. Every year we go back to my home state but due to shelter in place we made the tough decision to stay home. Despite the challenge of not being with our loved ones this year, we remain thankful that we are all healthy and have a roof over our head. There are so many people out there who were not as lucky over the Holidays. Not being able to put food on the table, stay warm, or let alone how to tell a little one there may be no Santa this Christmas.

Every year I see how important this holiday is to my wife as it brings her back to the days of her childhood. For me I can’t exactly recall up to when I believed in Santa but I do share with her the positive memories and imaginations that she had during her childhood. This is one of the reasons why she wants our children to have a great experience every Christmas. Naturally, because of this, I have come to admire her meticulous nature to ensure our young kids — currently ages 3 and 6 — naturally believe in Santa Claus.

But 2020 is a lot different than the eighties…..

These days, it can be ever so challenging with delivery services that lead to innocent questions from our young ones. On top of that, this current pandemic has led to more questions that I’m sure many parents find it challenging to be ever more creative to address. For example, ““how will Santa be able to practice social distancing?” But more than anything, I adore how my wife thinks about every excruciating detail to ensure there are no holes in the planning for Santa’s visit every Christmas.

As I look back at the days before Christmas, I am grateful that we are able to nurture our kids’ imagination even amongst today’s challenges. I give my partner and crime all the credit for bringing this all together and ensuring that our kids have a childhood just as pure and special as she did in 1985. Thank you Ryoko!

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