Revisiting SacTown

In 2003 I moved from Madison to Folsom, California to start my professional career after graduate school. I remember spending time during my first week in Sacramento exploring the salsa scene with my buddy Ramon who came with me to help with the move. After leaving Folsom for Tokyo in 2005, I haven’t been back.

A lot has changed since my time here so I decided to spend Memorial weekend in Sacramento and Folsom, the city I used to live before moving to Tokyo. We stayed in downtown Sac and felt that there would be no better place to do dinner than at Mikuni. This Japanese restaurant used to be THE spot to go to for great Japanese eats and to be seen. So I wasn’t surprised to see that it was still in FULL-EFFECT. I had a sake bomb as my first drink which took me back to my years pre-Tokyo. I don’t recall ever having a sake bomb during my 12 years in Japan. The food was good and our kids enjoyed the scene, too.

The next few days we spent sprawling around downtown, checking out the state Capital, Governor’s mansion, Mid-Town, and other areas. We also went back to my old apartment where I lived in Folsom for a couple of years. No surprise here but it looked quite different from what I remembered it to be.

All and all, it was a meaningful time to be back in Sacramento where my Intel career started and staged my life-altering trip to Japan. Thank you Sacramento for being my stomping ground.

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