Up, Up, in Away: Our NY Trip

Recently my family and I took a trip to New York City. It was our first time on a plane in more than 18 months and it was a real relief to be able to go somewhere by air. It was in early July and during that time it felt like NY was back or at least relatively. People were out and about, walking to work in business attire. In fact, many of them were not wearing masks which tells me that the honor rule was in effect there. We still wore masks in an abundance of caution but truthfully it felt nice to see smiling faces again even if for a short while.

It’s been several weeks since our trip there and now that the delta variant has become front and center nationwide I’m sure the big apple has taking a step back like the rest of the country. But I am so happy that we flew when we did to visit family and connect face to face. The highlight of our trip was to see our kids bond with their cousins. It was like they have been together the whole time since their last visit in Dec 2019 for Christmas. The bond that they share was fun to watch and we were so lucky to watch our nephew in action in a championship baseball game.

Shenanigans in NY
Shenanigans in NY

This trip, even while short, was a reminder that human connection especially with family can’t be replaced by technology. We can’t wait to be back!

A visit to the Oculus

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