Nice Job Redmond

This past Wednesday, Microsoft announced their new lineup of Surface devices. Panos Panoy, the Chief Product Officer, opened up the presentation and from the moment he began you knew it was going to be good. The passion and emotion that he displays as a speaker is infectious and it just draws you in. He could have been talking about skateboards and I would have listened to the end. But what made me deeply enamored by the announcement was just how inclusive and responsible it was throughout. They talked about sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion while introducing its new class of Surface products. As much as I do not want to be surprised by this and feel like this should be normal practice I realize that this is unfortunately not the case. Microsoft nailed the announcement on many levels and I truly hope that other companies are watching and learning from the high standard that they have set. If you have not watched, please do and be prepared to be inspired all the way to the very end. Nice job Redmond!

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