About Me


My name is Michael A. Campbell and welcome to the FullEffect Life where I share my experiences while living and working in Silicon Valley.

As many people who know me would tell you, I can be described as someone who loves family, baseball, music, and umm….yakiniku.  That’s Japanese for grilled beef.  Other than that, I’m also passionate about helping organizations — especially small ones — enter new markets with great products and/ or services through open collaboration and innovation.  Additionally, I am someone who loves hardware products (i.e., gadgets) that improve the way we live, work, play, or learn.

I began my career at Intel where I did planning and supply chain management after completing an MBA at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Subsequently, I moved into product marketing where I literally moved my life to Tokyo, Japan — a place where I always wanted to live and work to get a better understanding of customers, the market, and Japan culture.

Me and my lovely wife have two children who keep us busy and young each and every day.  Because of my family, my life is constantly in FullEffect!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences living and working in Silicon Valley, the high tech capital of the world.  Thank you for visiting.






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