Popcorn in a Parking Lot

Back in the day drive-in-movie theaters were the thing to do……. at least I’ve been told. I’ve seen them in movies and heard about it from family who have been to them but I had never been to one…..until yesterday. We heard about it through friends as way to get out of the house and catch a new release. We went to a theater in South San Jose and to no surprise the parking lot — if you can call it that — was packed with cars. We backed in and parked in front of screen number five to watch “War with Grandpa.” It was a bit chilly but not too cold. In fact, we watched and enjoyed dinner with popcorn from the trunk of our SUV with blankets. The kids enjoyed the experience and my wife and I both agreed that it would be something we should do again. Just another example that while we have unremarkable times that we can still have new experiences that can make for some remarkable memories. And yes, the movie was good.

This Little Sticker

This is what you get after you vote

November 3rd was big day in the US as Americans awaited the results of who will win the US Presidency. It took us a while for us to ultimately know who is the indisputable winner but for me personally Tuesday November 3rd was a meaningful day. It’s been more than a decade since I have voted in person at the polls. During my time overseas I had been using the absentee ballot. Little did I know I would feel as proud and fortunate to have received a little sticker. It probably cemented more when I discussed it with my kids as I explained what it meant to vote and how important this right every 4 years. Little did I know I’d feel as proud as I did with wearing this little sticker.

Our Latest Trek in the Bay

If there’s any silver lining during this pandemic it is that it forces us to discover new things to do. Before the pandemic I probably went hiking about 3 times in my lifetime but during the past several months, we have gone about 4 times including one time with some Minnesota friends who also live in the Bay Area.

What I didn’t expect was that I would like it so much and that our kids would find the experience enjoyable as well. I think this is another aspect that makes the Bay Area very attractive – there are many hiking trails to discover where each one has their own personality, character.

Our hike yesterday was perhaps our best trail yet as it gave us a unexpected view of the city we call home, Fremont. The trail is called Ohlone Regional Wilderness Trail that was just a few minutes from our home. It is a steep hill to climb so perfect if you’re looking for a good workout.

I think we’ll be back there again soon. Thanks Fremont, you surprised us yesterday with your stunning view.

The World Is Bigger Together

Recently my son created a drawing that revealed a little about how he was feeling while we were apart for a year. In 2018, I left Japan to work in California, leaving my wife and two little ones behind. But only temporarily was the intention but the time apart was 1 day too long for us all. The drawing he created was something that he shared with his fellow classmates, albeit virtually this week. It shows two images — one where we are all apart with tears flowing and the other one where we are all together again. The blue and green represents the earth and the black represents space. If you look closely, the picture of us together shows the earth ever so slightly bigger. How appropriate. Thank you son for touching my heart with your delicate and thoughtful artwork.